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Get the compensation that you deserve for a workplace injury. The financial fallout from an injury due to a workplace accident can be devastating. The majority of people today do not have a substantial amount of funds saved to pay living expenses if they can no longer work and collect a weekly paycheck. The filing process  can take weeks from filing a workers’ compensation claim to receiving notification of either approval or denial of the appropriate benefits you deserve for a workplace injury. In the meantime, your mortgage is due, you still need to pay utilities, and everyday expenses continue to pile up. Without consistent income, your life can turn completely upside down, but we can help.

At the offices of Lipsey & Clifford, we can help you navigate the confusing process of a workers’ compensation claim. We’ll help get you back on benefits and get your life back together. It is critical that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately following an accident at the workplace so you can report all the details of the incident and fill out the necessary reports right away.

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Law Offices of Lipsey & Clifford lawyers continue to protect you. Providing free consultations, informing you of your rights during this unsettling time.  Our attorneys are here to discuss how we can help you.  Speak to one of our experienced lawyers at Law Office of Lipsey & Clifford for a consultation on your case, by calling us at (781) 829-9100 today.

Workers’ Compensation & Coronavirus (COVID19)

“If you are a worker in a high risk environment, like a hospital or nursing home, and have contracted COVID then the chances are very high that workers’ compensation should cover lost wages and medical costs. Contact us asap to process the claim by phone at no out of pocket cost.”

And of course all other claims for Workers’ Compensation or SSDI can be done on the phone and/or electronically at no out of pocket cost.

If I get sick while on the job, can I file for workers compensation?

“If a person contracts the Coronavirus for any work-related reason, that person could be eligible for workers’ compensation.” It depends on the laws in your state, if your job is considered essential, and the circumstances in your case.

Workers’ compensation generally covers diseases that employees contract because of their work—or, occupational diseases “arising out of and in the course of employment” (AOE/COE). Although common infectious diseases like the flu aren’t considered occupational illnesses, COVID-19 might be treated differently in some cases.

Specific eligibility requirements for occupational diseases vary from state to state, but you typically need to demonstrate that:

  • the particular nature of your job caused your illness or put you at a higher risk of exposure to the virus than the general public, and
  • you contracted the illness as a result of a specific exposure that happened while you were doing your job.

Workers’ compensation court is open to process claims and our firm is able to process workers’ compensation claims over the phone at no out of pocket cost to you.

Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer with the most experience.

At Lipsey & Clifford, P.C., we handle every aspect of representing injured workers before the Department of Industrial Accidents. One of our partners Bruce S. Lipsey was chairman of the workers’ compensation subcommittee of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Mr. Lipsey has years of experience fighting for clients in workman’s compensation cases. With the fast pace changes in this particular practice, you need to choose a legal firm that stays on top of these changes and dedicates the right amount of time to practice in this area.

Contact the law offices of Lipsey & Clifford, P.C. if you have been involved in a workplace-related accident and we can help you determine if you are entitled to benefits or a settlement. At Lipsey & Clifford P.C., we are determined to get you the benefits you deserve.

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