Why Serving as The Ellie Fund’s Board Chair is Important to Me

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By Attorney Scott J.  Clifford, Partner at the Law Offices of Lipsey & Clifford

There are events in our lives that are indelible. We all remember where we were when the planes hit the towers. And if you are of a certain age, we remember that fateful November day in 1963.  But there are also events that seem smaller in scope, more intimate, but nonetheless just as powerful. 

Like the day nine years ago when one of my best friends told me the unimaginable; “I have breast cancer.” Once you process that information, as hard as it may seem to do so, the next thing that comes to mind is simply, “What can I do to help?”

While formulating ideas in my head, my friend presented the answer for me. She explained that while undergoing treatment she met a single mother of four children working full-time just to keep her health insurance. She couldn’t understand how this woman could accomplish all this on her own. It turns out she wasn’t alone. This mother told my friend about the good work being done by the Ellie Fund.  The Ellie Fund is a non-profit organization honored to provide assistance to breast cancer patients residing in and/or receiving treatment in Massachusetts.

Through their Healing Together Patient and Family Care Program and Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Program, they provide critical support services free of charge to help relieve a breast cancer patient’s burden while in treatment. Their services include: Grocery Assistance, Transportation, Light Housekeeping, Childcare Reimbursement, Nutritiously Prepared Meals and Integrative therapy services including acupuncture and oncology massage for metastatic patients

Right then I knew this is where I need to put my efforts. I joined the board of directors of the Ellie Fund two years later, and after serving on the Board for the past seven years I am now honored to Chair the Board. In this position I hope to assist in overseeing the continued good work put forth by this outstanding organization. The Ellie Fund isn’t research-based; there are very qualified medical experts working tirelessly to find a cure. But until that day comes, the Ellie Fund will continue its mission. They are driven by hundreds of volunteers and corporate partners. All selflessly and actively participating in providing services and hosting events to fund these essential services. 

What I find during my time on the Board is that our corporate partners do more than just write checks. Their employees give their time and energy to be part of the mission. Their involvement is key and it’s what inspires my own staff to partake in numerous fundraising events. Especially this year’s Team Ellie Falmouth Road Race.

My goal as Chair of the Board is to lead by example. To inspire our volunteers to give their all. For our corporate partners and their employees to feel good about their involvement. And for the patients we service to know that the Ellie Fund will always be a beacon of hope; a shining light to guide them when they feel the world is slipping into darkness.

To learn more about the great work being done by The Ellie Fund, and to be part of that great work, visit www.elliefund.org



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