Why Hire A Disability Attorney?

One of the main reasons for hiring a Disability Attorney to represent you with your Social Security case is that your likelihood of being approved for benefits dramatically increases. An experienced attorney will improve your chances of acquiring social security benefits if you have been disabled and cannot produce in the workplace. With the percentage of disabled people increasing every year in the U.S. it is becoming more complicated navigating the legal process. At Lipsey & Clifford P.C. we not only have experience in Social Security Disability cases but have been recognized for our success in the top 5% of all attorneys statewide. At Lipsey & Clifford P.C. we deliver results to our clients.

Process and Fees

The legal process is becoming more complex, with more cases arising each year the government has created a maze to navigate the Social Security Laws and without capable representation you may find yourself without benefits that are rightfully yours. Our experienced attorneys will carefully analyze your case and fight to get you the benefits you deserve. In regard to payment, all disability attorneys charge fees regulated by federal laws. Payment to the attorney is limited to 25% of the past due benefits you are awarded with a maximum limit of $6,000. If you have any questions regarding the following areas please contact our office for a free consultation.

  • Social Security Eligibility
  • Disability Claims
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Short Term Disability Claims
  • Denied Claims and Appeals
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