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Scott J. Clifford
Scott J. Clifford
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"Thank you!" While thank you might seem like a simple term it is often missing in real estate transactions because of a breakdown in communication at some point in the process. My goal on each and every transaction is to make sure that those two simple words are expressed by my clients as I reach across the closing table and congratulate them on their closing.

This goal is true whether the transaction involves a first time buyer or experienced developers. My extensive experience includes the ability to walk both buyers and sellers through each step of the real estate process, from the "Offer to Purchase" stage, to reviewing, drafting and negotiating the "Purchase & Sale Agreement", right through to the closing and beyond. I have conducted thousands of residential and commercial real estate closings and will always just a phone call, or click of the mouse, away.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact attorney Scott Clifford or one of our many office locations across the South Shore.

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