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Massachusetts Wage & Hour Laws: What Every Employer Needs to Know

Every employer should be familiar with the Federal Labor and Standards Act and Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws, which define the rights of the employee in regards to wage payment, overtime, tax status and dismissal. The Law Offices of Lipsey & Clifford, P.C. advise employers every day on changes to the laws and their responsibilities as part of their Corporate Law Practice.

Employers in Massachusetts should comply with the Massachusetts Wage & Hour Laws to protect themselves and their employees. Some of the most important aspects of these laws include:

  • Overtime 
    • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees 
    • Salaried vs. Hourly Wages 
  • Wage Payment 
    • Vacation Pay 
    • Meals and Breaks 
  • Independent Contractors vs. Employees 
  • Temporary Agencies and “Joint Employers”

Failure to pay or classify a worker properly could lead to class action suits and paying up to 3 times the amount owed plus legal fees. Lipsey & Clifford, P.C. has been protecting businesses and their employees across the South Shore of Massachusetts for over 15 years.

If you are an employer in Massachusetts and are unsure of any of the above, contact Lispey & Clifford, P.C. for advice and representation today.

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